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  • March 1, 2013 8:02 AM CET

    Mega Money Hybrid is a unique system that combines daily advertising rebates of 2% per day for 75 days with a powerful flexible cycler that pays 200% when you cycle out.


    This system is very easy to understand and 100% passive. Even if you just got on the internet fresh today you'll be able to make money here because there are no requirements other than input funds. It's a “Money in Money out” system as I call it. You simply join, buy Hybrid Units and watch your profit grow.


    I know many programs these days only last for a few months or even just a few weeks. In my opinion it's because of the system (not talking about the ones that flat out scam of course). The system they use is mostly not sustainable because of missing elements. A missing element can be “outside income sources” or “admin expenses” that have not been included in calculations. It's also possible a program doesn't work because it's not unique.


    We're the first to create a system like this. It's like making money online for dummies (not to offend anyone) because there's no way you can fail with this plus it's exciting and a lot of fun too.



    You buy Hybrid Units for $10 per unit. These units are actually purchases of advertising credits because with every unit you buy you'll receive 500 banner ad credits and 500 text ad credits. Next to that the units are split in 2 parts that earn you money:

    50% → pays 2% per day for 75 days (total 150% ROI)

    50% → pays 200% when you cycle out the flexible cycler


    example 1:

    You buy 1 Hybrid unit. This means you will earn 2% on $5 for 75 days and the other $5 is added to the flexible cycler.


    Example 2:

    You buy 10 Hybrid unit. This means you will earn 2% on $50 for 75 days and the other $50 is added to the flexible cycler.


    In example 1 you need $10 (200% of $5) to cycle out in the flexible cycler and in example 2 you need $100 (200% of $50) to cycle out.


    To make sure the cycler line will keep moving we have implemented 3 elements:


    1. 10% direct fills for sponsors: If you have a position in the cycler line and your referrals (direct referrals) buy positions you will get 10% added directly to your position so you can cycle out faster.

    2. 10% direct fills for own position: If you have a position in the line and you buy another position then you will get 10% added directly to the highest position (closest to the top) you have in the line so you can cycle out faster.

    3. 75/25 rule: From your earnings 75% is available to withdraw and 25% goes into your repurchase balance. With your repurchase balance you can then buy new Hybrid Units so that will not only keep the line moving but will enable you to earn more faster too because of the 10% that will be added to your own position every time you add new positions in the line.

    * Please note: The image above is for easy calculating. When a new position is added to the flexible cycler line first the admin percentage is deducted and then 10% of the amount that remains is distributed to sponsor position and 10% to own position (so calculated from the original amount it's lower than 10%). What remains after that is added to the top spot. 

    We use this admin percentage to pay the 10% referral commissions and expenses of maintaining the program (like hosting, development, work etc.). This admin percentage is calculated precisely and is very important to keep the program sustainable. It's one of the reasons many programs stop after some time because they didn't include the referral commissions and admin expenses.

    As you can see you have a lot of control over how much and how fast you'll earn with this system. You don't need referrals to earn but it's smart to at least try to get some referrals because next to the fact you will earn much more, you will help them earn here too of course which can result in a list of loyal referrals who will follow you in every program you suggest (that's how the big promoters do it).


    Referral commission is 6% on level 1 referral purchases and 4% on level 2 referral purchases.


    The image below will show a complete overview of the system. You can see it will continue to work for everyone, no matter when you joined (sustainable). Your profits will grow fast more and more and you can speed it up even faster by reinvesting your earnings. It's very exciting.