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WalkEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • How to earn with WalkEx

    1. Airdrop Bonus 
    (50 WKX for the first 80,000 users for verifying their identity).

    2. Rewards for viewing ads 
    a) You win to View Ads
    b) You can purchase up to 10 extra ads and double your profit, and for PRO members, triple.

    3. Referral System 
    a) You get commissions for the operations of your guests, for trading and for viewing ads. 20% as a free user and 40% if you are a PRO member.
    b) It consists of three levels of depth.
    c) Unlimited number of guests and for life.

    4. Trading 
    Buy low and sell high to multiply your funds. It is recommended to deposit in several assets to be able to take advantage of the offers of different pairs and markets. The necessary tool to market is the amount.

    5. Stake 
    For saving 1 BTC on the platform for 3 months, a reward of 1 million WKX is awarded. (500,000 WKX if it is 0.5 BTC, and so on).
    This is applicable to staking with all currencies based on the equivalence with BTC (Stake interested consult with support for monitoring).

    6. PRO membership offer 
    a) Up to 1000 users, PRO membership costs a single payment of € 120 in BTC, and receives 10,000 WKX; while your sponsor gets 5,000 WKX and € 60 in BTC.
    b) Up to 10,000, the PRO membership costs € 300 in BTC and no extra WKX is received, but your sponsor does receive € 60 in BTC.
    c) The PRO membership is for life and consists of a single payment; it is a limited promotion that can only have 10,000 users. It offers us to operate without commissions for life, in addition to withdrawals without fees by WalkEx (only fees from blockchain).
    Along with all this, your earnings from referrals and from viewing ads double.

    All these are the profit systems that WalkEx puts at our disposal to capitalize ourselves and multiply our investments.