writing a Transition Resume

  • While your accomplishments during your military career are important, it’s crucial to redefine those parameters so that they become useful in a traditional job setting and most importantly, that you present writing a paper. If you can approach it from an interviewer’s point of view, you might able to gain a bit of perspective in the process.

    Any educational advancements made during your military career should be included, especially if they’re related to computers or language. Bi-lingual applicants are always in big demand. If you’re fluent in Mandarin Chinese, include it. You never know when the company finds itself researching the Asian market. If you gained skills that allow you to recognize when a computer network is vulnerable, you can be sure that’s a big plus on a resume. With so much emphasis placed on security, those with abilities such as these will always have a job.

    Finally, and this might prove quite difficult, you’ll have to step outside your military persona. Your best bet is to assume your interviewer has no idea of how to differentiate one military branch from the next. As always to write my research paper is always an excellent idea and can often reveal a bit about the applicant. While the job market remains competitive, the discipline gained during your time spent with the military will serve you well – as long as it doesn’t intimidate the hiring manager.

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