How to find a good roommate Know the questions to ask

  • Regardless of whether you have an apartment in Jesús María or in any other district, having a roommate can help you reduce your expenses significantly. Finding candidates is the easy part, as there are websites that serve that purpose. The hard part is finding a person who is trustworthy and whose habits match yours.

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    To make the process of finding a good candidate easier, in the next article we will show you how to find a roommate . This is a list of simple questions that you should ask to get to know each potential roommate better.

    1.- Questions related to your habits

    What time do you go to bed regularly?

    The first thing you should do is know the sleeping habits of your future roommate and if they tend to go to bed early or late. Does the nature of your job cause you to wake up early or late? Their sleep schedules can be similar to yours or completely opposite.

    Therefore, it is best to find out in advance if your sleeping habits are compatible. This is especially important when it comes to sharing the bathroom when you wake up in the morning or at night before bed, as well as setting a time to stop making noise and be able to sleep.

    How often do you clean?

    This is one of the most revealing questions for roommates , since the answer you get will tell you a lot about what living with that person will be like. Generally, this is a manageable point, since you will have your own room. However, it is a good idea to establish early on how shared environments should be maintained.

    Do you cook frequently?

    If your roommate likes to cook, maybe that's a point where they can connect. After all, sharing dinner with someone else is a perfect way to hit it off. Now, cooking also means cleaning the dishes after eating, which brings us to the next point.

    Do you usually invite friends up late?

    Suppose you want to sleep early on a Friday night, but your roommate has invited some friends to the apartment. That could cause some conflicts. Know in advance if there will be regular guests at home. At this point, the ideal is to find a balance between each lifestyle and try to respect the privacy of everyone in the property.

    Do you smoke or drink alcohol regularly?

    Do not forget the environment you want for yourself at home. So in order to find a suitable roommate , you need to understand their lifestyle and how their regular actions will affect you. This is really an important question for your physical and mental health.

    What do you use to be able to sleep?

    Ok, this question may seem weird at first, but keep in mind that each person falls asleep differently. Some need to have the TV on or some light music. Now, if you just need silence to sleep, there you have a potential problem.

    2.- Questions related to your regular routine

    What do you do for a living?

    Your roommate's work can affect the way you interact. It is necessary to ask what is the work they do and have a more or less definite idea of ​​their income to ensure that regular payments will not be affected by professional life.

    Do you usually work from home?

    If your roommate is a freelancer, they will usually work from home. The nature of remote employment is variable. You should find out if it is possible for him to do it from his own room or if it will be necessary to create a home office space and how that will affect your comfort.

    Do you prefer to make purchases together or separately?

    Many people use to shop separately. However, doing it together and taking turns that task could help save time. Both are valid systems, but they are aspects that influence the lifestyle at home.

    Another aspect related to food is the way in which the space in the refrigerator will be divided. Will they have a compartment reserved for each person? These are details that are best known in advance. Creating rules for living with roommates will help you avoid potential problems.

     What is your routine on the weekends?

    Maybe your prospective roommate usually goes to the gym before or after work. Factors like going for a run, biking, and other ways to stay in shape can be common points that bring you closer together and facilitate coexistence.

    Great! If you wanted to know how to get roommates now you know some questions that will help you find the right person. Remember that everything begins with having a good property. And have you already found a good apartment?

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