Security measures in the office during the coronavirus

  • Is your workspace ready for the new normal? If you own an office in Lima , the presence of your collaborators in the facilities may have been affected. Going regularly to spaces with many people implies a certain risk. If the nature of your company requires the physical presence of staff, what to do in that case?

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    If for you it is necessary to work from an office building, you can do it if the corresponding precautions are taken. In the following article we will show you which are the main security measures in the office that will maintain the health of your collaborators.

    1.- Develop a clear protocol

    Much of the effectiveness in the fight against coronavirus lies in prevention. Therefore, the first of the security measures in the office is to identify where the virus could spread throughout the premises and under what circumstances.

    Consider all the areas with the highest traffic and the most touched surfaces: door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, lobbies, bathrooms, dining rooms, etc. Then create a plan to mitigate risk at those points with additional cleaning and disinfection. This is where staff training will be key.

    Staff within the office must be aware of the symptoms of the coronavirus. In this sense, it is recommended that the human resources area dedicate itself to answering the usual questions among collaborators. What to do if I get the virus? What to do if someone is identified with the symptoms?

    2.- Protective equipment

    It goes without saying that employees should use basic personal protection measures such as masks and face shields. These cover the parts of the face through which the virus enters, so their use has to be a mandatory rule within the office.

    Regarding the facilities, there are several security measures in offices that you can adopt to prevent the spread of the virus. To start with, you need to purchase footbaths and other disinfecting shoe mats and install them on the access roads.

    Another measure is to acquire infrared thermometers to monitor the temperature of the people who enter the office. If a staff member develops a fever, it is best to send them to a health center for testing. That way, you avoid possible infections.

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    3.- Keep your distance

    For many companies, face-to-face work is vital and the home office is not a measure that can be adopted. Fortunately, putting some distance between people has proven to be a key factor in stopping the transmission of COVID-19.

    As social distancing becomes the new normal, it makes sense to change the office layout. Desks should be at least two meters apart from each other. As you can imagine, shared desks or cubicles are no longer an option.

    Another office security measure that will help you minimize the number of collaborators within the same space is to implement staggered schedules. Under this mode of work, the snack time cannot be the same for everyone. Work spaces should be larger and hold fewer people. In that sense, the capacity limit in the office has to be much lower.

    You can implement physical barriers such as plexiglass or plastic partitions and sticky signs that tell staff and visitors where to walk and maintain the recommended distance. As much as possible, try to avoid visits and conduct meetings virtually.

    4.- Avoid physical contact

    Physical contact in the workplace should be kept to the minimum necessary. For many people, this is a difficult step, as handshakes can come out unconsciously when starting or ending a business meeting with outsiders.

    However, both handshakes and contact with the elbows should be prohibited as forms of greeting. In today's context, a simple gesture of the hand or head is more than enough.

    These are the main measures that you can implement if you have your own office . Little by little the economy starts up again; However, the risk posed by the coronavirus has not yet disappeared. Take all the necessary safety measures and remember that prevention will help you have a safer work space.

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