Diets For Weight Loss

  • In the 21st century the most common health problem faced by varied groups of people is obesity. Tempted by junk foods and buried under busy work schedule, people end up suffering from obesity. Obesity not only make us look out of shape, but also has serious impact on both our physical and mental health. This makes weight loss and fighting obesity an important issue for most of us.

    A few changes in our conventional diet may help us to loose those extra kilos. Intermittent fasting is an ancient technique. Worldwide many people belonging to various religions fast on their religiously auspicious days or events.  This is nothing but a example of intermittent fasting embedded with religious sentiments. Intermittent fasting also known as intermittent energy restrictions is a technique of voluntary fasting and eating after a fixed interval of time. It involves eating after an interval of 6, 9 or 12 hours.  This gap between consecutive meals boosts the metabolism process, and also allows the proper and complete breakdown of the consumed food.

     This slow and complete metabolism burns up the calories needs from consumed food and less amount of calories are converted in fat cells. This also helps to break down the stored fat cells as a artificially calorie deficiency is created by fasting.

    Another diet style known as Keto diet is becoming very popular as a fast way to loose weight. Keto diet involves a strict expulsion of carbohydrates from the diet replacing them by healthy fats and proteins. Due to the absence of carbohydrates and glucose the body starts ketosis. Ketosis is a process of breaking fat cells instead of glucose to produce energy to run the body. Thus the keto diet promotes breakdown of the stored fat cells of our body and help in faster weight loss.

    Vegan diet is another popular diet which helps in weight loss. Vegan diet involves only plants, plant products and a strict avoidance of any animal products even dairy. Avoiding all the animal products and dairy means avoiding all the harmful animal fats, cholesterol and oils which are mainly responsible for the extra kilos we gain. Thus following a Vegan diet helps us to loose those extra gained fats faster.

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