Property Features to Consider Before Buying A House

  • Buying a house is challenging for most people. Therefore, it is essential to consider some important property features before undertaking this task. Because of the financial and emotional impact of being a homeowner, people rightfully want to choose and invest in the perfect property.

    Thus, we have compiled a list of some crucial property features for you to keep in mind. These include:

    • Location
    • Condition
    • Layout
    • Size
    • Age
    • Rooms
    • Price

    Now, let’s give a comprehensive overview of all these factors.




    Most of the buyers do not have any clear idea of where they want to live. However, the location of the new house should ideally be determined by taking into account a number of factors.

    The distance of your property to the workplace, children’s school, family and friends, commercial areas, public transport, and places of worship are some of the important things to consider.

    These details are convincing enough to motivate you to choose a specific area for your investment. Other important considerations may include the safety and security of a neighbourhood, the crime rate, the traffic flow and the nearby recreational areas.

    Most of the housing schemes such as Bahria, DHA, Capital Smart City and the Blue World City is designed in a way that it includes all the facilities for the residents. Therefore, people prefer to live in such localities.



    Always check the condition and maintenance if you are planning to buy a used house. Also, notice the potential repairs and breakdowns. You can ask the owner about the renovation and up-gradation of the house in the past. 

    It is because some of the maintenance work such as pest infestation, weak foundations, or a leaking roof, might be costly to fix.



    Modern houses are available in a different style. Choosing the best home include the figuring out of the layout that best works for you. Some of the families enjoy an open and airy indoor while others want privacy.



    Plot sizes play a large part in deciding between the two houses of the same price range. A larger plot will be more spacious. Similarly, the distance of the neighbouring wall will also come into play.



    The criteria for buying a house should always consider the age of the property itself. Nevertheless, it is only relevant for buyers who are looking for an investment. Older homes have a better quality of construction but require more maintenance.



    Considering the number of rooms inside the property is a major aspect. It is because larger or joint families require a house with a minimum of 3 to 6 rooms to accommodate everyone. Similarly, one also need to focus on the number of bathrooms.



    Price remains the most debated factor in any home-buying decision. Firstly, set your own budget then search for the right market. Evaluate its pros and cons and determine whether the asking price is justified. Make sure to stick to your budget for making the payment conveniently.

    Most of the people leave their homes due to job relocations, international immigration, or financial trouble. It is advisable to find out the reason why the seller is selling the property. It may give you a hint of whether you should actually buy the house or not.

    These above-mentioned property features must be kept in mind before buying a house.

    Blue World City is another mega housing project by Blue Group of Companies located in proximity to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad city.